New South Wales lies on the east coast of Australia. Many tourists come to New South Wales to visit the city of Sydney and its attractions. Despite the fact that much tourism is focused on Sydney and the coastal areas, New South Wales offers plenty of things to do. Wherever you spend time in New South Wales you are bound to enjoy yourself immensely.

If the instinct for adventure runs in your blood, New South Wales is made for you. It will give you plenty of choices of adventure activities as well as easy access with tour operators and local guides. Whether your idea of outdoor fun involves skiing in the snowy mountains, hiking, boating and bush-walking in the Blue Mountains or driving on a scenic outback tour, New South Wales is the ideal location. The oceans, lakes and rivers around NSW have a lot to offer to the adrenaline enthusiasts. The waters here are perfect for swimming, surfing, diving, snorkeling and fishing. There's a lively calendar of events and festivals in NSW including music, sports, food, wine, arts and culture. Among the sports events, whale watching and dolphin tours are quite prominent. There are at least forty five species of whales and dolphins found in the Australian waters, and their numbers rise every year.