New Zealand is a postcard picture which is replete with abundance of natural beauty. It is no wonder that travelers are hit by an adventurous bug as they set off for one of the best places to see and live in across the world. The jaw dropping beauty of the country is unmissable as you are left mesmerized by the array of scenic locales that this place has to offer. The country has many cities which are worth visiting at least once as they are famous for one thing or the other. If it's the active volcanoes of Auckland; thermal waters of Rotorua or the scenic drives of Christchurch, there is something unique and special which appeals to everyone. Picton is one such beautiful city, which will take your breath away and will leave you gasping for more. That said, a fun-packed vacation can only be regarded complete when you travel by road and for that you can always rely on car rental services.

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