The capital city of New Zealand, Wellington has an unsurpassed wealth of heritage in the form of medieval streets and buildings. Proudly settled on a hillside surveying the marine land, Wellington has some great attractions to visit which has guided it to a status it has today.

Be it the unique wooden architecture of the old government building and Beehive building in the downtown region or the vintage tour in Wellington cable car to reach the spectacular Wellington botanic gardens, Wellington shall produce some unparalleled experiences for discerning traveler.

With a Car rental in Wellington downtown you unlock the access to a number of historic and interesting attractions. Other attractions that should be a part of your itinerary are the Karori sanctuary, Wellington zoo, Lambton quay, civic square. Also catching the aerial view of the city from Mt Victoria is one thing which one cannot afford to miss. One can visit these worthy attractions with great ease and comfort by availing the services of a car hire in Wellington.

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