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Christchurch’s Best Animal Adventures For Your Kids

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by Hertz NZ - 03 August 2017

Christchurch is a city of stunning natural beauty, but if your kids are more excited by fauna than flora, then you’ll want to check out these world-class animal adventures while you’re in town.

Orana Wildlife Park

This free-range zoo is famous for its hands-on experiences. You can hand-feed giraffes and lemurs, get up close to lions or a white rhino and learn more about NZ’s unique creatures like the usually elusive kiwi and kea. With 80 hectares housing 400 creatures, with more than 70 species represented there’s plenty to see here.

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

Wildlife spotters can encounter New Zealand’s “Big 5” of wildlife here (that’s the kiwi, kea, takahē, kaka and tuatara – four birds and a lizard) and have special nocturnal displays set up so you can see these night-loving creatures in the middle of the day. This wildlife reserve is one of the most significant in New Zealand and has plenty of native flora and fauna on display in its beautiful grounds. You’ll have the opportunity to hand-feed fallow deer and wallabies and there’s plenty of friendly farm animals to meet too. To enrich your visit, they also run a wide range of Māori Cultural Experiences – including the Ko Tane with Hāngi meal – a delicious way to learn about authentic culture that the whole family will love.

International Antarctic Centre

If an actual expedition to Antarctica isn’t on your itinerary, this might be the next best thing! The International Antarctic Centre brings this fascinating region to you through a range of exciting interactive exhibits. It’s located right next to the airport so could be a great first stop after you pick up your car. You’ll want your warm coats as you experience the chill of the icy breeze as you “survive” a simulated Antarctic blizzard, then get the blood pumping with an exciting Hagglund ride – an all-terrain amphibious vehicle built for adventure. There’s also cute penguins to see and the opportunity for a “backstage tour” to get really close to the penguins and learn all about the conservation efforts the centre is contributing to. There’s a “cuddle zone” where you can get cosy with friendly huskies too. You’ll leave with cold hands and warm hearts, having learned a lot about Antarctica.

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