Dunedin’s Delicious Desserts

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll be right at home in Dunedin – the array of dessert options are truly astounding. Ice Cream for dinner, anyone? Here are some of our favourite sweet options:

Rob Roy Dairy

One of Dunedin’s most long-standing and famous ice creameries, the Rob Roy Dairy has been a Dunedin staple for more than thirty years, and its reputation for delicious desserts is well earned. From the traditional cones to decadent ice cream sundaes there are plenty of choices here. For a healthier option there’s also a delicious selection of “Real Fruit” froyos on offer as well.

Ocho Chocolate

A craft bean-to-bar chocolate maker, Ocho offers a range of handmade chocolates in a fantastic range of flavours. Working with a number of Farmer Cooperatives in the Pacific region, they work to promote sustainable farming of cocoa and can verify the provenance of all the beans to make sure it’s all ethically sourced – making the resultant goodies all the sweeter. For a true local flavour try the Horopito and Kawakawa bar, two native spices that add just the right level of heat and zing to the dark chocolate.

The Dessert Room

For many people, dessert means cake, and The Dessert Room has earned its reputation as one of the best local cake makers in Dunedin. Visit their bakery café for a slice or two, or if you’ve got a special occasion to celebrate then treat yourself to a whole cake (or two). They have an extensive menu with more than 20 cakes available daily – our pick for mature palates is the Dark Chocolate Guinness Cake with Baileys Frosting.

Coupland’s Bakery

To sample traditional bakery treats and sweets you can’t go past Couplands. From humble origins they are now one of the most popular independent bakery chains across New Zealand, and their Dunedin locations are well worth a visit. Priding themselves on budget-friendly pricing you can afford to treat the whole family here – it’s a great place to bring the kids for a treat.

Who Ate All the Pies?

When you try their delicious wares, the answer is going be “YOU DID!”. Normally available in gourmet delicatessens and at Farmer’s Markets, you can also get your hands on their pies at their factory outlet in the heart of Dunedin. Their family sized meat pies are perfect to pop into a picnic basket for a roadside stop. Our favourites are the venison pies and their seasonal berry dessert pies.

Getting away for a holiday is meant to be a sweet experience – and with these places you’ll be feeling the love in no time at all.