Dunedin’s Museums and Galleries are a Treasure Trove of Fun

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by Hertz NZ - 26 July 2017

Dunedin is a museum lover’s haven with a fascinating array of museums and galleries assembled to choose from. No matter what your interests there is sure to be plenty of opportunities to be had. Here are some of our favourite picks:

New Zealand’s Sports Hall of Fame

Housed in Dunedin’s historic train station, sport lovers will be delighted with this museum. With a focus on interactive exhibits there’s plenty of hands-on things for kids large and small to enjoy. Full of sporting memorabilia and exciting stories about New Zealand’s most prominent sporting champions this immersive experience is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Toitū Otago Settlers Museum

Pleased to be New Zealand’s most extensive and oldest museum, the Toitū Otago Settlers Museum has a range of exhibits that focus on significant indigenous and European settlers that have made contributions to the history of the local area. Full of fascinating stories and artefacts this is a great place to immerse yourself in the social history of this area. With free admission all year round it is a budget friendly way to entertain yourself for a few hours.

Otago Museum

A place for history and nature lovers, this complex not only houses an extensive free admission museum of local and international treasures, but also, for a modest entry fee, boasts a Planetarium and even a tropical forest with a butterfly house – truly something for everyone. From ancient Japanese Armour to an Egyptian Mummy, the museum’s eclectic collection of artefacts spans the globe. With regular exhibitions by local artists as well, this is a vibrant and ever-changing museum that’s worth a visit whenever you’re in town.

Dunedin Public Art Gallery

With a wide collection of both historical and modern art, Dunedin’s Public Art Gallery features plenty of fascinating things to see. Taking a broader definition of “art” means you may often be delightfully surprised by what you find on display here – there’s a lot more than paintings and sculpture to see with Fashion Shows, Installations, Music Events and all sorts of “happenings” occurring year ‘round. Leave your assumptions at the door and enjoy this fascinating collection.

Gallery De Novo

If smaller galleries are your thing, then don’t miss Gallery De Novo – Dunedin’s thriving independent arts scene is showcased here with a wide range of modern art and photography on display – and almost all of it is for sale, so you can take home a truly unique souvenir and support a local artist at the same time.

Art and Culture lovers will find plenty to love in Dunedin – a town that’s just full of treasures old and new.