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by Hertz NZ - 19 November 2014

Traveling to a foreign city such as Dunedin, New Zealand to experience its exceptional beauty? Then you should include Hertz Dunedin car hire in your itinerary. Not only will this straightforward move enable you to experience the best things that Dunedin has to offer, it will also treat you like a VIP throughout your trip. Read on and find out how.


VIPs simply cannot waste time given their busy schedules and often-complicated work or business requirements. Everybody knows that one of the worst time-stealers is the need to wait in line at counters especially during peak seasons for car rental companies.


A clear solution to the problem of time-consuming queuing is available absolutely free. With Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, a member can skip the paperwork and the long lines.  In over 1,000 locations around the globe, a Gold Plus Member can pick up their rental car keys in a zip without having to stand in line at the counter.  This is VIP treatment at its best.


A Gold Plus Member will also see his or her name in lights in the world’s best 40 airports across different continents. Another great add-on service is called Hertz Gold Choice which allows you to select the car you prefer right on the spot.


Even turning in the rental car is an amazing experience with the eReturn service that allows you fast, hassle free return of the vehicle. To better make the customer experience unforgettable, Hertz Gold Plus members also have the option to sign up for Mobile Gold Alerts which enables you to receive vehicle updates and make requests for upgrades all with the convenience of using your mobile phone.


Being a Gold Plus Rewards members offers still more benefits including:


-  Earning points on rental charges including a Free Weekend Day for members who earned 500 points


-  Chance to use points on one-way rentals, different destinations, and on different car categories


-  Going to the Hertz website enables you to redeem points online


-  Transferring points to your spouse or partner


Hertz Dunedin Car Hire is sure to surprise you with more benefits if you become Gold Plus Rewards Member.  These include generous discounts made exclusively available to members only,  no extra driver’s fees, discounted child seats, and even 24/7 updates on hourly and daily rates on top of fuel, insurance, and round-the-clock road assistance.


The Hertz 24/7 service also gives members the ability to book a rental car all-day, all night. Just call anytime and a reservation would be made just for you. Aside from the fuel and liability protection, in-car Bluetooth devices will help you communicate hands-free so that you can drive safely yet remain connected to people at work or loved ones at home.  Hertz 24/7 is easily accessed in branches located in your neighborhood, making it more convenient to use this service.


Again, all these unbeatable discounts and benefits can be had absolutely free. Unlike other car rental companies that offer empty promises and load hidden charges to your account, Hertz only focuses on delivering quality cars, services, and products that are offered with easy-to-understand Terms and Conditions.


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