Explore The Great Outdoors In Whangarei

New Zealand’s warmest city,Whangarei, is famous for its breathtaking natural wonders. Whether you’re looking for a short break and some fresh air, or want to challenge yourself with a hike, the city in North Island’s upper tip has it all.

Quarry Garden

The best place to see the region’s tropical plants without leaving the city is the Quarry Garden. Bursting with ferns, palm trees and grasses, the garden is a green oasis in the middle of town. As well as a hosting café that serves regular high tea, you’ll find sculpture festivals and more in the grounds. The best part? You won’t even have to travel too far from your accommodation to soak up the sun.

Whangarei Falls

With so much access to nature, it’s no wonder the locals spend most of their time outdoors. A short drive away from the town centre you can experience rapidly tumbling waterfalls and long stretches of coastline. Enjoy a leisurely walk along the beach, or take the 20-minute loop track to view the Whangarei Falls.

Rikoriko Cave

Rikoriko Cave is the biggest sea cave in the whole world – so big that it’s accessible by boat. Book a tour of this subterranean landscape and see what’s hidden beneath the surface of the ocean.

Mount Parihaka

Want to learn about New Zealand’s fascinating history while taking in the views? Mount Parihaka is Whangarei’s highest peak, and is a significant Māori cultural site – it was once the largest pā (fortified settlement) in New Zealand.

Mount Mania

If you’re up for working a sweat, try Mount Mania. It’ll take you about an hour to reach the top, but trust us – the view is worth it.