Hitting the Road to Pauanui – The Auckland Road Trip

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by Hertz NZ - 17 February 2020

Probably the best thing about hiring a car in Auckland is the access it gives you to the unique North Island destinations nearby. That’s right, we’re talking road trips. And when it comes to road trips from Auckland, there are none better than heading over to Pauanui.

Located on the famous Coromandel Peninsula, and only a breezy two-hour drive from Auckland itself, Pauanui i is hard to beat as an ideal weekend getaway or even a day trip. So pick up your car from one of the four convenient Hertz locations in Auckland, and let’s hit the road.

Planning your trip to Pauanui

As with any road trip, planning your drive to Pauanui is half the fun. With so much to see and do at the destination itself, it will take some restraint not to stop off a hundred times along the way and turn your two-hour drive into a full day. So we recommend planning in advance and picking your rest-stops wisely.

Two great options that you’ll want to consider for your itinerary are Miranda Hot Springs and the Giant L&P Bottle in Paeroa. While the former is a great place to stop and soak those tired muscles for a couple of hours in the natural hot-water, the latter is an adorable tourist stop featuring a huge homage to New Zealand’s favourite beverage – a must-have selfie opportunity if there ever was one.

And as with any road trip, don’t forget to get that playlist sorted before you hit the road. The music is absolutely a vital aspect of any great drive, so take full advantage of the Bluetooth and/or USB connectivity options available in your Hertz hire care before you hit the road.

Making the most of this gorgeous town

You often hear people say “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” And when it comes to road trips, we usually agree with them on that. However, Pauanui has to be the exception, because this destination is really something special.

This quaint little beach town is best known for its surging, diving and fishing options, so you’ll want to make sure you keep plenty of time free on the itinerary for those. When it comes to diving and fishing, there are several great local tour operators in the town who’ll provide everything you need to have a great time out on the water. The area is renowned for its game fishing, including Marlin – perhaps the ultimate game fish – so booking a charter is definitely worth doing.

On the surfing side of things, Pauanui beach is where you’ll be wanting to spend a majority of your time. The beach is patrolled by NZ Surf Lifesavers in summer, so is safe and fun for the whole family. The beach breaks are gentle and ideal for learning to surf on, with boards available for hire at multiple locations in the town. However, for the more experienced surfers there’s also a challenging right-hand point break at Pauanui beach that locals in the area travel from miles around to take on.

In the town itself, markets abound if you plan your trip around February or March, with the Thames Market, The Coroglen Farmers Market, The Whangamata Weekend Markets and the Tairua Markets all on within that six-week period.

But if you miss out on the market season, never fret – one of New Zealand’s best boutique clothing stores is open year-round in Pauanui, called Hello Friday. Owned and operated by Puanui locals, the clothes are designed right there in town, and gain international acclaim on social media for their simple and stylish threads.

Of course, no trip is complete without some great food and a drop to drink. We recommend JK’s Kitchen and Bar for a relaxed, casual eatery vibe offering truly exceptional meals and cocktails that would make New Yorkers envious.

On the other hand, there’s nothing better than picking up fish and chips or dim sims (or a burger, or anything else really) from Puanui Takeaways and having dinner on the beach as the sunsets.

So start planning your road trip from Auckland to Pauanui today – you’ll regret it if you don’t.