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Things to do in Taupo

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by Hertz NZ - 03 July 2019

Taupō is situated on the shores of Lake Taupō, which is the second largest lake by surface area in Oceania. The lake was created approximately 27,000 years ago by a violent volcanic eruption, in a region of rich natural beauty, with lots to see and do, making it the perfect place to explore.

As you travel around the lake, you will find every landscape imaginable, from snow-covered ski fields and ancient forests, to trout-filled rivers and rejuvenating hot springs. Because of its location along a volcanic belt, geothermal activity has created a plethora of natural hot springs and pools that are waiting to be explored. You’ll find both free pools and geothermal parks in the locality.

Aside from soaking yourself in the warm volcanic waters, there are also lots of great outdoor activities to enjoy. Here are our top things to do when in Taupō.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

There is no better way to experience Taupō’s stunning natural beauty than by jumping on a bike and exploring at your own pace. Taupō is home to some of the best mountain biking in New Zealand. From the Great Lake Trail to Craters Mountain Bike Park, Taupō offers a network of purpose-built trails suitable for riders of all levels of experience.

With grade 1-2 family and e-bike tracks, epic overnight adventures, grade 5 downhills, mountain biking and BMX jump parks, there really is everything you could want.

For those looking for a more scenic experience, there are a wide variety of trails, with both the Great Lake Trail and the Timber Trail forming part of the New Zealand Cycle Trail Network.

Walking and Hiking

Taupō’s wilderness is an unmissable experience that will leave unforgettable memories. One of the best ways to explore it is to take a walk through it. With ancient forests, swamplands, geothermal activity, and breathtaking volcanoes, all accessible along walking and hiking tracks, this is an area that can be comfortably explored and enjoyed by walkers and hikers of all abilities.

Some of the most popular treks and routes include lakefront and riverside strolls like the Great Lake Walkway and Huka Falls trails, through to the Tongariro River Trail and Lake Rotopounamu native bush walk. There’s also an epic full-day alpine trek known as the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, which treks across a cratered volcanic moonscape dotted with gemstone-coloured lakes.

For an otherworldly experience, head for the thermal walkways at Craters of the Moon and Orakei Korako, which show the power and mystery of the earth’s inner workings in a strange and beautiful setting.

The Pureora Forest Park takes you deep into a magical and ancient landscape, with moss covered trees, crystal-clear rivers and birdsong. It feels like something straight out of Lord of the Rings. Taupō’s geothermal activity is something to behold. With its strange and beautiful landscapes, it’s got a spooky and otherworldly quality to it.

The Taupō Volcanic Zone stretches from Tongariro National Park in the south to Whakaari (White Island) north of the Bay of Plenty, with an unprecedented range of geothermal activity. Steam pours from vents all over the earth, drifting across the landscape and cloaking it in a mysterious mist.

All the geothermal activity in the Taupō region also means that there are plenty of pools, hot springs and spas where you can spend the day or while away an afternoon. AC Baths Hot Pools is an all-weather, family-friendly, thermally heated pool complex that is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with the family. Wairakei Terraces & Thermal Health Spa offers silica terraces, thermal bathing pools, massage therapy, all in a beautiful setting that couldn’t possibly get more relaxing.

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