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03 Feb

A Delicious Road Trip to Christchurch! byHertz NZ

A Gastronomical Trip in Christchurch banner

Travelling not just opens the body and mind to new experiences, but it is also a chance to acquaint ourselves with the cultures and cuisines from all around the world. Entire lives are spent in the same place, in the same routine, and nothing changes but seasons and reasons to not make that trip. Fill your heart with the warmth of travel stories and the flavours from kitchens across the world. This time around, make a trip to Christchurch and unravel the mesmerising gastronomic delights on offer!


Costas Taverna Greek restaurant: Greek cuisine is a treasure trove of unique flavours. Indulge in authentic Greek cuisine at Costas Taverna Greek restaurant and sample delicacies like the Saganaki, seared exotic cheese, calamari, lamb, hummus and tzatziki. A burst of delicious flavours beckons, get some Greek on thy plate at Costas Taverna!


Strawberry Fare:  Home to fresh organic ingredients doused in the choicest of spices and sauce, you are welcome to Strawberry Fare for special customised meals. With a delightfully unique menu featuring some incredible gastronomic inventions, you can unwind at this quaintly furnished restaurant and treat yourself to fritters, jams, fresh smoked salmon, free range egg delicacies, and their special all-butter croissant. You can choose from Strawberry Fare’s lunch or dinner menus, too.


Cook ‘n’ with Gas: Set up in a villa from the 1860’s, Cook ‘n’ With Gas is quite an offbeat experience. Sumptuous local cuisine is served in impressive-sized portions along with your choice of a refreshing, chilled beverage. Along with great food and drinks, you can also indulge in a movie screening, barbeque, and live music. If you like fish, you must absolutely try the deliciously roasted salmon tail.


Kinji Japanese restaurant: Japanese cuisine is one of the most intricate and stylish out of all cuisines in the world. A menu comprising of dishes made with the freshest ingredients, authentic Japanese fare is rustled in minutes are brought out, piping hot, to your table. Sample classics like the wasabi style octopus, sesame seaweed, and a variety of delicious sushi and sashimi. The marbled beef Carpaccio served with an equally appetizing salad and steamed mussels are an absolute must-try, so is the green tea tiramisu.


There are many other restaurants along the road, like the Tramway, the Tutu Benne Pizzeria, the Dux Dine, and The Lotus Heart Vegetarian Restaurant to explore when on your trip. Check out a car rental in Christchurch for a comfortable and luxurious trip to Christchurch!


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