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02 May

Auckland Car Rental: Booking A Pickup Truck For Your Surfing Vacation byHertz NZ

Auckland Car Rental: Booking A Pickup Truck For Your Surfing Vacation banner

If you’re seriously planning to travel to Auckland, New Zealand, then you’ve made a grand decision because of its exceptional natural wonders. One activity that has put this city in the tourism radar is its incredible surfing industry. While there, you’ll be amazed of its exceptional coastlines, soothing winds, and friendly locals, among other things.


Putting the abovementioned factors into consideration, it can be said that having an Auckland surfing vacation is a worthwhile move that will definitely spice up your holiday break. To achieve the most of your vacation escapade, don’t forget to incorporate Auckland car rental in your travel plans. One vehicle that should be on top of your list should be a pickup truck like a Toyota Hilux.


This particular vehicle can help you transport your surfboard and other accessories as well as equipment that you’ll need to achieve a surfing vacation that is one for the books. Take note that carrying an 8 to 10 foot surfboard is close to impossible if you’ll rely on a mid-sized sedan or a compact car.


Therefore, it would be best if you’ll invest in a reliable and sturdy truck that is provided by an established Auckland car rental company.


Don’t worry about incurring sky-high expenses because many service providers in the city charge very reasonable rates that are specifically designed to complement different budgets. Plus, they also offer discounts and freebies to clients who’ll reserve via the Internet or phone. With this, not only will you enjoy your vacation to the fullest, you’ll also save huge sums of money that you can use in other important matters.

Booking is also easy since you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to do so. You simply need to go to the company website, choose the vehicle that you want to drive, and pay via credit card. It would be best though if you’ll do this in advance so that you can choose the truck that you like since it someone might beat you to it. This is most true during peak seasons.


All in all, going for a pickup truck for your Auckland surfing vacation is a very practical move that comes with endless benefits. With it, you don’t have to worry about transporting your surfboard and other accessories as well as equipment because this can be a walk in the park with the said vehicle.


Make sure to coordinate with a legit Auckland car rental company so that you’ll get your money’s worth. Otherwise, you might end up spending more than what you bargained for.


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