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17 Jun

Auckland Car Rental: Ways To Save More Money byHertz NZ

Auckland Car Rental: Ways To Save More Money banner

Planning a New Zealand trip on your next holiday break? Then you should include a visit to Auckland in your itinerary because this city offers a whole lot of things that you’ll certainly love. From its fascinating scenery to its beautiful beaches, to its mouth-watering wines and delectable food, Auckland has plenty to offer first-timers and frequent visitors alike.


Before flying over, though, you need to consider a couple of important things which includes booking an Auckland car rental vehicle. You shouldn’t neglect this measure because it can help you achieve a worthwhile vacation that is just one for the books.


Also, contrary to many beliefs, the said service won’t burn a hole in your pocket but will actually enable you to save huge amounts of cash. To further boost your savings, you should consider the tips and pointers below.

Book  rental car online

The Internet has made getting lower deals a lot easier. Aside from saving money, you can also compare several Auckland car rental service providers and checkout the vehicles that they offer by going online. The best part? You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to do this.

Go for a compact vehicle

Unless you’re travelling with a group, you should choose a compact vehicle like a Toyota Corolla. Not only will you save money on rental fees, you’ll also save a substantial amount on petrol expenses.

Be on the lookout for hidden charges

While Auckland car rental companies are generally trustworthy and known for their honest to goodness dealings, it won’t hurt if you’ll do your homework and be on the lookout for hidden charges and dubious fees like extra taxes, fuel surcharges, maintenance fees, etc.

Skip the insurance policy

Having a travel insurance is probably a good idea if you’ll go for long trips and a total waste of time and money when if you’ll simply roam around the city. Plus, there’s a big chance that your credit card company or personal insurance policy will cover the collision coverage which is pretty much similar to what the car rental company will offer.

With this mind, it would be best to inquire about insurance coverage and other provisions before signing up.

Auckland Car Rental: Summary

As you can see, opting for an Auckland car rental can help you save a substantial amount of cash but bear in mind that your savings will grow if you’ll consider the tips and pointers that were mentioned above.


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