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13 Feb

Auckland Trip: Relaxation And Romance Rolled Into One byHertz NZ

Auckland Trip: Relaxation And Romance Rolled Into One banner

Creating romantic memories to share is an important component of a long-lasting relationship. This can be achieved by travelling in enchanting destinations and engaging in glamorous activities. By doing so, you’ll have many wonderful times to cherish and hold. 

If you still have not made up your mind where to go this Valentine’s Season, it would be best to include Auckland, New Zealand in your list. It is considered by many as the perfect romantic destination because of the wealth of breathtaking tourist spots, magnificent natural wonders, diverse country sides, and alluring beaches that it offers. 

Simply put, booking an Auckland trip is one of the best things that you can do to make your partner feel that he/she is loved to the fullest. There are so many romantic places that you can do while having your Auckland trip. Some of them are explained below.

Auckland Trails

Auckland boasts of countless trails that are ideal for short treks or long hikes. They are filled with fascinating plant life (ferns, trees, and shrubs) and bewitching streams and waterfalls. You can enjoy a picnic during your trekking or hiking tour and even stay in one of many lodging houses or huts. 

To have the time of your life, it would be best to coordinate with reputable companies in the area. They have expertly trained guides that can help you explore some of the most-sought after local spots in the city. Rest assured that you’ll achieve the highest level of service every step of the way.

Auckland Beaches

Auckland is a haven for couples who love the beach and the Whatipu Beach is a must-visit if you want to achieve a magical beach experience. Located south of Karekare, its pristine black sand, beautiful wetlands, and captivating coastal dunes will definitely fill your heart with ecstasy. Plus, its large caves will make you feel at awe and somewhat at peace.

Auckland Wineries

If you and your partner have a knack for excellent wines and gratifying food, then you’ll love the wineries that are situated in Auckland.

Wine tours are both romantic and informative that’s why you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit any of them. With rows of vines, excellent city views, and stunning hills as their back draft. It can be said that Auckland wineries create a perfect sense of romance that you can’t experience elsewhere.

Auckland Trip: Summary

If a romantic getaway is your desire, then the city of Auckland in New Zealand should be on top of your travel list. Its breathtaking tourist spots, magnificent natural wonders, diverse countrysides, and alluring beaches are just perfect if you want to make your partner feel loved and cherished.

Take note though that a romantic getaway to Auckland won’t be complete without a top-notch Auckland rental car. Imagine commuting to a winery or a beach during your trip, it sounds a bit off, right?

For this reason, it would be best to invest in a rental car if ever your Auckland trip pushes through. It will instantly inject a sense of convenience and romance in your holiday break.


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