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20 Apr

Beaches to Relax at in New Zealand byHertz NZ

Find Your Favourite Beach in New Zealand with Hertz banner

New Zealand is famous all over the world for its stunning beaches. You can indulge in   adventure activities on the beach or simply laze around. Following is a list of five beaches   in the country that promise you a peaceful time. You can visit them alone or with friends   and family. With car rental in New Zealand being such a simple affair, you can easily drive   to these beaches to rest and relax.  


Hot Water Beach: For some much needed quite beach time, Hot Water Beach, in Coromandel Peninsula, is the place to be. People from all over visit it two hours before or after low tide to enjoy a natural hot spring spa. You can get your own spa by digging a hole near the tide line. The water here boasts of healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium.  


Piha Beach: Located on the West Coast of Auckland, Piha Beach is the most famous   surfing beach in the country and is the birthplace of Malibu board-riding in New Zealand.   Not your typical sunbathing beach, it has black iron-sand and an air of mystery to it. Merely   a 30-minute drive from the main city of Auckland, the rugged cliffs and lush greens mean   that you can explore, walk or picnic here too.


Karekare Beach: Karekare Beach in West Auckland is a stone’s throw away from the main   city. As it is not very commercialised, this beach is perfect for taking a break from the   chaos of daily life. Karekare also holds an interesting annual beach race day where local   horses and ponies run to raise money for local causes.  


Gillespies Beach: Offering breath taking views of the Southern Alps and the waters of the   West Coast, Gillespies Beach is nothing less than a haven. An empty pebble beach,   Gillespies is perfect for watching the sunset, sitting around bonfires and relaxing with   family and friends. Once a mining site, you can walk amongst the old gold settlement and miners’ tunnel.


Whale Bay: Falling between the majestic Mount Karioi and the beautiful ocean, Whale Bay   is a five-minute drive from Raglan. A world-renowned surfing beach, it is the perfect place   to learn how to surf with plenty of surf schools in the area. The laid-back surfer   environment combined with excellent massage studios, world class eco-resorts, and good   quality organic food shops make Whale Bay a must visit spot.



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