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09 Sep

Car Hire Conditions and Guidelines byHertz NZ

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Known as the oldest city of New Zealand, Dunedin is an old yet spectacular city that boasts of its busy harbors, dazzling coastlines, bushy hills and green forests. It is the perfect place for spending a family holiday since it’s filled with wonderful scenery and activities that can be done outdoors. To make the most out of your Dunedin holiday, a Hertz Dunedin car hire will help you explore the place in no time.


If it’s your first time in New Zealand, specifically Dunedin, renting a car will be the most convenient thing to do. Hertz is one of the well-known car rental companies in New Zealand. They offer car rental services to anyone who meets their conditions and/or guidelines.

Hertz car hire conditions and guidelines

Though there are a lot of specific conditions and guidelines when you rent a car from Hertz, here are the most important points to remember:


-  Vehicle term sheet.  For each type of car you hire, there is always a corresponding term sheet. Read it carefully and if you don’t understand something, it’s alright to ask questions. The term sheet may include the number of passengers allowed, the features of the car, hire terms, hire charges and etc.


-  Hire terms. On this part, Hertz indicates the hire period – the time you hired the vehicle and the time you’re supposed to be returning it. If you fail to comply within the hire period, you have to pay additional fees.


-  Authorized drivers. A Hertz Dunedin car hire only allows the hirer to drive the rented car. However, in specific conditions, any authorized persons may be allowed to drive.


-  Hire charges. You are required to pay the amount indicated in your vehicle term sheet. If you requested for additional services, then you have to pay for the additional charges. If the vehicle is returned late or there are damages done to the car, an additional fee will be charged.


-  Hirer’s obligations. Indicated in the Hertz terms and conditions are the hirer’s obligations which include the observance of reasonable care upon the use of the vehicle such as locking it when not in use and/or maintaining the radiator, battery, coolant, oil and etc. at their proper levels.

Hertz Dunedin Car Hire: Conclusion

These are only some of the basic points to remember when you are up for a Hertz Dunedin car hire. For a more detailed terms and conditions, you may visit their website or give them a call. Their personnel are more than willing to extend their services to clients who are looking to enjoy their vacation to the fullest.


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