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09 Nov

Chasing the Aurora in Wanaka, New Zealand byHertz NZ

Chasing the Aurora in Wanaka, New Zealand banner

One of the most anticipated astronomical wonders, the Aurora Australis - the Southern Lights - is a must-witness experience in New Zealand. Usually, the Aurora is best seen from the South Island in New Zealand. If you are visiting New Zealand with your family, it’s worth getting a car rental and heading out to the Lake Wanaka for an uninterrupted view. Once you are away from the city lights, you can enjoy this marvel in a unique way. This magical display of Southern Lights occurs only when the sky conditions are right.


What’s The Special Phenomenon? The colourful, almost enchanting lights in the night sky are caused when charged particles like neutrons, ions, protons and electrons are released from the sun and hit the earth’s atmosphere. You can witness this phenomenon better when you are closer to the poles, either north or south. The lights are somewhat common in Southland and don’t last more than a few minutes, so you must be ready to capture this magic on.


What to expect? No amount of photographs or information can actually prepare you for the captivating sight you would experience. You will see beams of varied iridescent lights such as pinks, purples, reds, yellows, and greens dancing over the mountains around Lake Wanaka. It is definitely one of the most spectacular things you will ever witness in New Zealand.


How to Chase The Aurora? Though it isn’t easy to predict this stupendous display of natural lights, you can read up on the internet and plan your holiday at a time when it is expected. Unlike the Northern Lights that can only be seen in the winter, the Southern Lights in New Zealand can be seen all year round.


Make sure you get away from the city for maximum exposure to the sky. You can look for a nice accommodation in South Island, around Lake Wanaka, for an unforgettable visual treat. New Zealand is known for a number of amazing wonders and this light show is yet another proof of the magic this land has in store.


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