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02 Feb

Christchurch Botanical Gardens to Catch Some Sun byHertz NZ

Relax Amidst the Enchanting Christchurch Botanical Gardens banner

Summer vacation should ideally feature the smell of freshly cut grass, all-colour flowers, golden sunshine, and a picnic basket! Summer is just around the corner, and you must be ready with your travel essentials to soak up all the sun in a setting that is perfect for lazy afternoon picnics. The Botanical gardens at Christchurch are perfect to fulfil all your summer dreams. Pack your baskets with delightful sandwiches and freshly squeezed juice to keep you full as you take in the beautiful sights and sounds of the botanical gardens.


Armstrong Lawn: It is known for its splendid bedding displays since the 19th century Victorian era. Landscape fashion was at an all-time high during that age and Armstrong Lawn was one of the finest contenders in flower bed displays. The display is made up of exotic as well as standard shrubs. There are stunning exhibits of colour, grace, and style.


Azalea Garden: Close to the Water Garden, Azalea Garden sits primly, shaded by massive oak trees. A sea of azaleas greets you as you walk into this beautiful garden. You will also spot a great collection of magnolias at the Azalea garden. Spread a mat right across the flowers and catch their movement as they sway with the song of the wind.


Central Rose Garden: Roses are red, the sky is blue, nature’s come calling, where are you? Wherever you may be, head to the Central Rose Garden for a classic view into the life of a beautiful rose garden. This sunny little site is full of roses including exotic species like bush, climbing, and miniature varieties. Established in 1909, this garden was known far and wide for its collection of flowering roses and was modelled according to the garden designed by the Duchess of Sutherland in England.


Fragrant Garden:  Established in 1990, the fragrant garden was designed around heightening the sense of smell so that visually impaired people could enjoy flowers like everyone else. The pathways are broad, and the planters a raised above the ground for the fragrance to light up the air. A must visit for everyone who like to wake up and smell the flowers. 


Herb Garden: The herb garden opened its gates to public in the year 1987. As the name goes, this garden is home to a number of herbs which are grown for both medical and culinary measures. The herbs from this garden are used by chefs to add some spice to their menu at the Curator’s House restaurant.


The botanical gardens at Christchurch are splendid places to spend a lovely summer’s day. Go for a romantic date or take your family for an educational-cum-recreational tour. Check out a car rental in Christchurch for easy and comfortable transport to and from Christchurch!


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