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29 Apr

Christchurch Car Hire: Things That Make A Truck Or SUV Ideal byHertz NZ

Christchurch Car Hire: Things That Make A Truck Or SUV Ideal banner

Looking for a holiday break that will replace your same old beach vacations and city break tours? Then you might want to include Christchurch, New Zealand in your travel plans. There are so many things to do in this wonderful city, but there’s one activity that you shouldn’t miss if ever your trip pushes through: white water rafting in the Rangitata River.


The iconic river can be reached within two hours from Christchurch’s central business district and it would be best to organize a Christchurch car hire if you want to make the most of your trip. The said agenda is easy because there are a myriad of tried and tested service providers in the area and you can conveniently reserve a rental vehicle that will perfectly complement your needs, preferences, and budget.


To make the most of your trip, it would be best to opt for a Christchurch car hire truck or a mid-size 4WD. This can go a very long way when it comes to achieving a hassle-free and convenient trip. Two of the most notable reasons are explained below.

Trump rugged terrains and rough roads

Bear in mind that the two-hour trip to the Rangitata River is not a walk in the park because of the rugged terrains and rough roads that can be encountered along the way.


Having a truck or a mid-size 4WD drive effectively eliminates bumpy and frustrating rides that you might encounter if you’ll opt for a mid-size sedan or a hatchback. If you’re worried about your budget, you’d be happy to find out that Christchurch car hire companies charge very affordable rates and even offer huge discounts.

Keep your equipment organized

Since you’re not going on an ordinary trip, you’ll bring several equipment like a wetsuit, a life jacket, and a helmet, among other things. While they can fit in a mid-size sedan or a hatchback, you’ll greatly compromise your convenience if you’ll opt for the said vehicles. With a truck or a mid-size 4WD, you can a fit all the necessary equipment and achieve a comfortable and smooth ride.

Christchurch Car Hire: Summary

Achieving a hassle-free white water trip in the Rangitata River and a Christchurch vacation in general is easy and hassle-free if you’ll include Christchurch car hire in your travel plans. It would be best also if you’ll opt for a truck or mid-size SUV because of the abovementioned benefits. Rest assured that it’s a wise investment that you won’t regret because of the convenience and comfort that you’ll enjoy throughout your trip.


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