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03 Dec

Christchurch, New Zealand: The Perfect Family Vacation Spot byHertz NZ

Christchurch, New Zealand: The Perfect Family Vacation Spot banner

Are you in the hunt for an extraordinary place that will spice up your family’s holiday break? Worry no more because Christchurch, New Zealand is perfect for you.


The largest city in South Island of New Zealand is no push over in terms of tourism. It has so many things to offer to travelers who want to have a good time and enjoy the beauty of nature. What are the best activities to do when you’re in Christchurch? Read on and find out. 

Visit the botanic gardens

With more than one million visitors annually, the Christchurch Botanic Gardens is one of the most visited sites in all of New Zealand. Founded in 1863 with a single oak tree, it now boasts of 21 hectares of garden art, walking tracks, conservatories, and horticultural exhibits, among others.


Putting the said features into consideration, it is the perfect place for you if you have a knack for plants and gardening. In addition to checking out the abovementioned displays, you can also have BBQs and other recreational activities at the picnic site. Plus, you can go to the playground and have fun with your kids afterwards. 

Mountain Biking

If you’re looking to add a jolt of adrenaline into your family vacation, then you can visit the Central Otago Rail Trail and go mountain biking.


There are many mountain biking tour packages in Christchurch that will enable you and your loved ones to enjoy the native views of the country. Don’t worry about your safety because the entities that offer the said packages offer support vehicles that will make sure that your welfare will not be compromised.


If you’re a more experienced trail cyclist, then you can check out the Bottle Lake Forest that is located in the north side of the city. Take note that it is for more experienced riders and you should only try it if you know your way in the woods. 

Summing up

Visiting the Botanic Gardens and mountain biking are only some of the fun activities that you and your family can do in Christchurch. However, just like other vacations, the transportation part can be quite a challenge. Don’t worry about it and don’t push the panic button just yet because Christchurch Airport Car Rental companies can help you in this part.


With their help, you can get from one point to another without the annoyance of commuting and without paying out exorbitant cab fees. The fees that the car rental companies.


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