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14 Feb

Christchurch Vacation: Perfect Combination Of Adventure And Romance byHertz NZ

Christchurch Vacation: Perfect Combination Of Adventure And Romance banner

Thinking where to go for a romantic vacation, but you just can’t seem to figure out where to go? How about adding Christchurch vacation to your travel list? The biggest city in the South Island offers all the components that make up a perfect romantic getaway!

Whether you’re longing for a jolt of adrenaline rush and a taste of adventure or you simply want to spend some quality time with your special someone, bear in mind that a Christchurch vacation will definitely captivate your hearts! This is because the tourist attractions and accommodation facilities that the said city boasts of are just charming and world-class.

If you haven’t been on a Christchurch vacation and you don’t know where to sign up for a one of kind sightseeing tour or can’t decide where to stay, just remember that the Moles High Country Cycle and the Hope Villa are some of the best when it comes to these matters.

Moles High Country Cycle Tour in Christchurch

The Molesworth High Country Cycle is a five-day cycling tour that starts in Christchurch and covers its Northern Marlborough and Canterbury regions.


Some of the highlights of the expedition are the Waipara Valley (Christchurch’s booming wine district), the Hanmer Hot Springs, Molesworth Station (New Zealand’s largest farm), Awatere Valley, Kaikoura Sea Town (you can go whale and dolphin-watching while there), and a myriad of other world-class tourist attractions.


As you can see, the Moles High Country Cycle is a unique cycling tour that is perfect for couples who have a knack for adventure and whose idea of a romantic getaway is getting close to nature.

Christchurch Hope Villa

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a one of a kind accommodation facility that will instil a sense of calmness and serenity to your Christchurch vacation, the Hope Villa is the perfect place for you. This French-inspired cottage offers boutique accommodation that is simply outside the ordinary. Set in a beautiful and serene garden, it also provides an astonishing atmosphere of gorgeous roses, lavenders, and peonies.


Upon your arrival, you will be presented with a sumptuous platter of chocolate-dipped strawberries and a bottle of fine wine. All in all, the Hope Villa is a romantic accommodation facility that will make your vacation memorable and magical.

Christchurch Vacation: Conclusion

Christchurch, New Zealand is the place to be if you want to achieve a romantic vacation that you and your partner will cherish for a lifetime. This is most true if you’ll include the Moles High Country Cycle Tour and Hope Villa in your travel plans.


But wait, there’s one more thing that you can do if you want to spice up your romantic getaway and make it more convenient—it’s signing up—for a Christchurch rental car service. With this, you can visit the world-class attractions that the city boasts of and at the same time travel with a certain level of satisfaction that you just can’t achieve from other means of transportation.


Simply put, your Christchurch romantic getaway will be more meaningful if you’ll sign up for the said service.


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