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30 Aug

Drive from Auckland to Karioitahi Beach byHertz NZ

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Wherever you find yourself in Auckland, there’s always something waiting to be discovered. From some of the world’s best shopping destinations, to the finest restaurants and bars, Auckland has it all. However, there’s a side to Auckland that remains largely untrodden – its pristine natural beauty. Step out of the city centre, and you’ll find yourself in the middle of a wine country sprawling along several miles with virgin beaches, untouched rainforests and a stunning Gulf called The Hauraki.


The best part about it all is that most of these places are easily accessible by road, which means that you can hop into a car rental from Auckland airport. However, the most breathtaking views can be found as you drive along the best beaches in New Zealand and cruise along their coasts. Everyone takes a liking for one particular beach or the other, but the Kariotahi Beach has always been a popular choice.

A black sand beach, Kariotahi is located in the Franklin District, on the west coast of the North Island, New Zealand. A short drive away from Auckland, Kariotahi is known for its strong winds all year round and a rugged landscape. However, if you’re thinking of unwinding by the seaside and soaking up some sun in solitude , then Kariotahi is probably not where you should be.

That’s because most people who visit Kariotahi Beach every year have one purpose –fulfilling their adrenaline urges.. The beach is used for adventure sports throughout the year, including surfing, fishing, off-road motorsports, and most famous of all, paragliding. You could also try your hand at horse riding, and even go head to head on prized racehorses with other tourists. If paragliding doesn’t get your heart fluttering, then Kariotahi also has hang gliding, blokarting and even four-wheel driving.

Once you’re done having your share of adventure thrills, you can explore the nearby Waiuku Forest and its wide range of nature tracks, trails and other activities. If walking around isn’t quite your thing, then take a road trip along the Awhitu Peninsula and down to the recently restored Manakau Heads Lighthouse.

The best part about the beach is that it’s only an hour away from the main city, and it is still someplace that most Aucklanders don’t visit often. You are sure to find this beach to be a treasure trove of exciting adventures.


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