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03 Mar

Dunedin Vacation: Culinary Tours That Are Authentic And Unique byHertz NZ

Dunedin Vacation: Culinary Tours That Are Authentic And Unique banner

For tourists who frequently travel to different destinations, every trip is a chance to taste various kinds of food and have a unique culinary experience. Bear in mind that eating is one of life’s simple pleasures; as such, having a vacation that focuses on good food is an exceptional option. One particular place that has gained the approval of tourists from all over the world because of its good food is Dunedin, New Zealand.


A Dunedin vacation is a one-a-kind trip that you’ll cherish for a lifetime; not only because of its tasty delicacies and creative cuisines, but also because of its friendly people, beautiful locations, rich history, innate natural resources, and so much more. Putting the said factors into consideration, it can be said that your trip will be a fun and relaxing one because while having your Dunedin vacation, you can enjoy the natural thrills of the said town and become acquainted with its rich culture.


Some of the highlights of your tour are Dunedin’s iconic Cadbury World as well as its premier wineries and cheese houses. If you were wondering what to expect from the said destinations, it would be best to read the succeeding paragraphs.

Cadbury World in Dunedin

Awaken the “sweet-tooth” in you with a Cadbury World Tour, where you can see, smell, and taste mouth-watering chocolates that will definitely tickle your senses and make you feel like you’re in chocolate paradise! While on tour, you can also know about the rich history of chocolate in Dunedin New Zealand and gain a little knowledge how this sweet treat is prepared.

Dunedin wine and cheese tours

Wine Tours are simply world-class in the said town that is why they should be included in your Dunedin vacation. There are so many exceptional wineries and vineyards in the area and you shouldn’t miss any of them if you want to enjoy a culinary tour that is unlike any other.


You can take your Wine Tours to a whole new level if you visit the cheese houses near the wineries and vineyards. By doing so, you can experience the finest cheeses that Dunedin has to offer.

Dunedin Vacation: Summary

As you can see, having a Dunedin vacation is a wise decision if you want to have a culinary tour that is unlike any other. In addition to the fine chocolates, world-class wines, and premier cheeses, Dunedin offers a wide array of tasty delicacies and fresh produce. From dairies to steaks to seafood, everything you need to have a grand culinary tour is in the said town. Bear in mind however that there are certain things that you should consider if you want a vacation that is fun, hassle-free, and budget-friendly and one of them is hiring a Dunedin car rental.


Having a rental car is essential because there are so many attractions that you can visit while on tour and you don’t have to worry about missing any of them because you don’t have to take public transportation when traveling. Plus, you can also visit the nearby cities and towns that offer world-class attractions and activities. In the end, having a rental car during your Dunedin tour is a little something that you won’t regret.


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