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22 Jul

Enjoy The Best Queenstown Summer Activities With Queenstown Car Rental byHertz NZ

Enjoy The Best Queenstown Summer Activities With Queenstown Car Rental banner

Are you excited about your summer break to the point that you’re already planning your vacation escapade this early? While there are so many summer destinations out there, bear in mind that there is one place that is more than worthy to be included in your travel list: it’s a resort town in New Zealand called Queenstown.


For ages, Queenstown has been recognized throughout New Zealand as a destination for indulgence. In fact, it got its name because many believed that it was fit for Queen Victoria (New Zealand’s royal leader). There are so many activities that you can try while there; as such, boredom is the least of your concerns if your trip pushes through. Some of the most fascinating and entertaining ones are elaborated below.

Bungee Jumping

Are you a self-proclaimed daredevil that has a knack for heart-pumping activities? Then you should try bungee jumping at the Nevis River, the highest bungee jump location in the country. After wearing your harness and other safety equipment, you can check out the scenic views that you can only experience in the iconic river. By the way, the whole drop—all 134 meters of it—lasts for 8 seconds; as such, this bungee jumping escapade will more than satisfy your thirst for adrenaline rush.

Rafting and canoeing

If you want to indulge in a one of a kind activity that you’ll cherish for a lifetime, then you should include rafting and canoeing in your travel plans. The Shotover River, Kawaru River, and Lake Wakaptipu are some of the finest bodies of water that you should visit when trying the mentioned water sports since all of them come with picturesque scenery that will leave you refreshed and thrilled.

Bird watching at the Kiwi Birdlife Park

The Kiwi Birdlife Park is a great attraction, especially if you’re travelling with children. Aside from kiwis, the Kiwi Birdlife Park is also home to countless birds that chose New Zealand as their natural habitat. The ones that you can see while there are Antipodes Island Parakeets, Black Stilts, New Zealand Falcons, and South Island Pied Oystercatcher, among other birds. Make sure to bring your cameras with you to document your once in a lifetime trip.

Queenstown Car Rental: Summing up

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie who wants to test your limit or a backpacker who simply wants to experience new things, bear in mind that Queenstown is just the place to be.


Take note, however, that preparing for a fun-filled and hassle-free vacation is not only about focusing on food and accommodation. You also need to pay attention to the little things like your transportation needs. With this in mind, you need to make sure to reserve a Queenstown car rental vehicle before flying over.


While you can opt for public transportation throughout your trip, bear in mind that turning to a Queenstown car rental vehicle is way better because of the convenience and comfort that it brings. In addition to the said advantages, the latter can also help you save a substantial amount of cash. Surprised? Don’t be. If you add up your bus, train, and taxi fare you might be amazed that a Queenstown car rental is way cheaper.


All in all, if you want a vacation that is both fun and light on the pocket, make sure to sign up for a Queenstown car rental vehicle before flying over. Remember, this straightforward move can help your enjoy your vacation to the fullest and at the same time help you save a substantial amount along the way.


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