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06 Aug

Enjoy The Outdoor Wonders Of Auckland byHertz NZ

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So, you’ve decided to go to Auckland, New Zealand on your next holiday break. This is a great move because this city is a very phenomenal place that is known for its perfect combination of beautiful scenery and modern cosmopolitan design.


Due to the said attributes, it has become a lifestyle hub that is flocked by countless tourists from all over the world who want to achieve a one a kind vacation that is just one for the books.


Before organizing the details of your trip though, you need to familiarize yourself with the fun and exciting tourist activities that you can enjoy while there. This way, you’ll have an idea of what to expect and therefore make the necessary precautions that will ensure a fun-filled and hassle-free holiday.

Boat and sailing activities

Aside from its beautiful scenery and modern cosmopolitan design, Auckland is also known for its vibrant harbour areas that are brimming with cultural treasures and sea life.


While there, you can enjoy boat and sailing tours that will definitely make you feel relaxed because of Auckland’s coastlines, breath-taking rivers, and charming lakes.


In addition to the mentioned activities, you can also indulge in snorkelling, fishing, diving, and among other water activities.

Volcano tours at Rangitoto Island

Rangitoto Island is one of the most iconic natural attractions in New Zealand. Its perfect symmetrical cone coupled with beautiful scenery is just off the charts and you’ll definitely love this place if you have a knack for the outdoors.


There are so many ways to explore this island, but if you want an extensive experience that is highlighted by scenic volcanic views, you can sign up for a guided 4×4 tour. During your tour, you’ll experience over 40 species of ferns as well as orchids and about 200 species of flowering plants as well as native trees.

Bird watching

A bird watching tours is perfect if you want to experience Auckland’s natural beauty in a much deeper perspective. During this sightseeing tour, you can come up close and personal with beautiful albatrosses that will fly by you while visiting the outdoor parks.


Alternatively, you can visit the nearby forest paths and checkout the kiwis that are walk on falling leaves.

Summary: Auckland Car Hire

As you can see, Auckland, New Zealand is perfect if you’re an outdoorsy individual who wants to experience the beauty of nature in a completely different way. Its setting is tranquil, relaxing, and serene—making it—ideal for those want to forget about work responsibilities even for such a short time.


On the other hand, to make the most of your stay, it would be best if you’ll include Auckland car hire in your travel plans.


With this particular service, you can enjoy the finest natural attractions that the said city boasts of without worrying about time and budget constraints because you’ll have access to a vehicle that you can use as your own at a very affordable price range. In addition to this, you can also go for the vehicle that will complement your style and preference.


So, if ever your trip pushes through, make sure that you’ll include Auckland car hire in your plans because you can never go wrong with this particular service.


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