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21 Aug

Experience Dunedin’s Natural Beauty byHertz NZ

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Going on a family vacation this holiday break, but fed up of the usual beach vacations and museum trips? Worry no more because there is one place that you can visit to make sure that you’ll have a grand time with your family. The best part? This will be achieved in a place where wildlife is varied, plentiful, and widespread. It is a large city in New Zealand’s Otago Peninsula, called Dunedin.


Putting the said factors into consideration, a Dunedin vacation can give you and your loved ones a unique experience that is beyond your expectations. You and your children will have a grand time in this place because its natural beauty and wildlife are second to none. Some of the places that you shouldn’t miss are elaborated below.

Orokonui Eco-sanctuary

Home to many of New Zealand’s rarest reptiles, birds, and plants, the Orokonui Eco-sanctuary is the largest government-protected forest in the country’s South Island. Getting there is easy because it is only a couple of miles from the city centre.


While there, you can experience the natural habitats of rare and magnificent birds like Ttakahes, bellbirds, brown creepers, fantails, kakas, tuis, fantails, kererus, riflemans, and so much more! If you’re a bit lucky, you might even get a glimpse of saddle backs and , robins. Don’t forget your camera so you can take pictures of the abovementioned creatures  when you visit.

Penguin Beach

The Penguin Beach in the Otago Peninsula is perfect if you want to take part of one of New Zealand’s success stories when it comes to wildlife preservation: the resurgence of the Hoihos (yellow-eyed penguins), the country’s endangered bird species.


These rare creatures can be seen nesting in the coast areas and away from humans and other animals. The Penguin Beach is also home to kororas (blue penguins). Your children will most certainly love this place because it’s not every day that they encounter these lovely creatures.

Stewart Island

New Zealand’s biggest natural habitat for kiwis, Stewart Island is another place that you shouldn’t miss if your Dunedin vacation pushes through. In this island, kiwis outnumber humans and you can only imagine how exciting your trip can be.


In addition to bird-watching, you can go for overnight hikes that are organized by New Zealand’s Department of conservation. Huts for accommodation are provided by the organizers and you and your loved ones will certainly enjoy your stay in this beautiful island.

Dunedin Car Hire: Summing up

Your family vacation will certainly be an unforgettable one if you decide to do it in the city of Dunedin. It has everything you need to achieve a family vacation that is one for the books and you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


If it’s your first time to go to this foreign city, it would be best if you’ll include Dunedin car hire in your travel plans. This can make your family vacation more convenient because you’ll have a reliable, stylish, and well-maintained vehicle that you can use as your own. While it may prompt you to shell out a substantial amount of cash, bear in mind that it’s a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret.


Keep in mind also, that signing up for Dunedin car hire service is a practical move, especially if you’re travelling with your family because commuting with a group can be quite stressful. So, if you want a fun vacation that is also hassle-free, include Dunedin car hire in your travel. This is one of the best things that you can do.


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