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25 Mar

Exploring The Eccentric Village Of Puhoi  byHertz NZ

Take A Road Trip To The Beautiful Puhoi Village banner

Auckland, with its wonderful beaches and magnificent volcanoes, is a beautiful city in New Zealand. People from across the world visit the town to enjoy the diverse ecotourism opportunities that it offers. The lush greens and beautiful waters of Auckland will surely delight the nature lover in you. It stands as a proof of New Zealand’s ranging landscapes for it provides everything from hiking trails to holiday islands at comfortable distances. About a 30-minute drive from the main city lies the Puhoi village, a must visit for every traveller. The eccentric village boasts breathtaking beauty, is culturally rich, and offers excellent food and wines.


You can easily reach the Puhoi village by driving to it. Car hire in Auckland is easier done than said. With Hertz, you can easily rent a car of your choice from the airport and enjoy the road trip to Puhoi at your own pace. The quaint little village of Puhoi, with a number of pretty cafes and cheese stores, carries an old worldly charm to it. The quiet of the lush green landscape offers you a much-needed break from your day to day life. Going kayaking in the Puhoi River is a must do for you when in the village. If you want to enjoy the splendour of waters, Puhoi River is the place to be. Travellers swear by the beauty of the place, especially at the time of sunrises and sunsets.


The major attractions of the village include the Wenderholm Regional Park and the Puhoi Bohemian Museum. While the former makes a perfect spot for a picnic, the latter allows you to learn about Puhoi’s history and culture. With sandy beaches and sparkling waters, the Wenderholm Regional Park offers you the best of nature. Puhoi Bohemian Museum well displays the spirit of rural Auckland. It stands as a testimony of the place’s rich past. Either with family or on your own, these places are a must visit for every visitor.


Puhoi village was discovered by two cheese makers, thus, it is no surprise that the place is home to excellent cheese stores. Food items like dairy and fruits are produced locally here and have a distinct and delicious flavour to them. The village’s produce is famous not just in Auckland and nearby areas but all over the world. The landscape of the place is dotted with many pubs which make a great place to relax as well as to catch a bite. So pack your bags and set out to explore the panoramic village of Puhoi in the heart of New Zealand.


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