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29 Jan

Festivals And Other Special Events That Will Add Zest To Your Wellington Vacation byHertz NZ

Festivals And Other Special Events That Will Add Zest To Your Wellington Vacation banner

Looking for a fun-filled and exciting destination that will spice up your holiday break? Then you should include Wellington vacation in your itinerary. The capital city of New Zealand is arguably the most exciting city the whole world. Plus, it has a vibrant night life, diverse culture, and friendly people.


Therefore, regardless of your background, you’ll find this place worth visiting. In addition, Wellington is known for its entertaining festivals and other special events all year round. Some of the most remarkable ones are elaborated below.

New Zealand International Film Festival

This top-notch film festival is slowly gaining world-wide recognition because of its prestige and excellence. Held annually on July or August, the said celebration features local flicks, art house movies, and Hollywood films. Attending this festival is a must if you want to experience New Zealand culture and excellent motion pictures.

Cuba Street Carnival

This one of a kind festivity was first organized more than 10 years ago with the goal to draw together different art performers and artists from all over New Zealand.


Nowadays, it attracts more than a 100,000 attendees and has become some sort of a huge street party. Aside from performances from distinguished artists, the Cuba Street Carnival also features bazaars, parades, and other vibrant activities.

International c Sevens Tournament

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in all of New Zealand (netball and cricket are others) and the most prestigious rugby event in the country is held annually at Westpac Stadium, Wellington. It attracts internationally-recognized rugby players from all over the world who want to compete with the best players out there.


Some rugby enthusiasts even travel across the globe just to catch some of the sport’s heavyweights go at it. For this reason, you should make it a point to watch this tournament if your vacation falls in February.

Wellington Vacation: Conclusion

There are so many fun festivities and special events that you can experience in Wellington car rental and the ones that are mentioned above are only snippets of what you can expect while in this wonderful New Zealand city. There are lots more in store for you, so book your trip to Wellington and enjoy a vacation of a lifetime.


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