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26 Aug

Hertz Auckland Car Rental: Refuelling Options Explained byHertz NZ

Hertz Auckland Car Rental: Refuelling Options Explained banner

Auckland is one of the busiest cities in New Zealand; as such, if you’re planning to have a business or leisure trip to this city, you need to include Auckland car rental in your travel plans. There are so many reputable service providers in the area and the long list includes Hertz car rental.


One thing to consider before singing up, it would be best to become acquainted with the frequently asked questions regarding fuelling options to get the best deal for you, and at the same time avoid the impression that you’re being ripped off.


Question: How do you resolve the fuel charges and why were you charged for fuel.

Answer: Hertz has three re-fuelling options:


-  Before returning your rental vehicle, you can stop in a particular location and refuel it yourself. If your rental vehicle is returned with the same amount of fuel that it contained when rented, you don’t have to pay for fuel and service fees.


-  You may opt to pay for a tank of petrol from Hertz at the start of your rental period by going for the Fuel Purchase Options or FPO. With this, you don’t have to refuel the tank before returning your rental vehicle. This means that you can return with as little fuel as you want.


Hertz Auckland car rental does not refund unused fuel and your FPO agreement will reflect on your rental record.


-  You can return the rental vehicle with less amount of petrol than what was in it when you received, but you will be charged with fuel and service fee which is applicable at a per-mile or per gallon rate. This will also reflect on your rental record.


The two methods of calculation basically produce roughly the same results. It should be noted though that the rate that will be utilized in the process are based on Hertz’s costs which are not designed to compete with the rates of local petrol stations in the area. However, the rates are carefully based on market conditions and they also factor in the overhead costs that are linked to providing exceptional service.

Hertz Auckland Car Rental: Summing up

Before signing up with a Hertz Auckland car rental package, it would be best to become acquainted to the various fuel options that it offers. This straightforward move can help you obtain the rental vehicle that you need to worthwhile business or leisure trip.


Regardless of choice, bear in mind that you won’t be ripped off because Hertz is a reputable company that is known for its reliable vehicles and honest-to-goodness transactions.


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