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17 Sep

Hertz Christchurch Car Rental Vehicle Guide: Holden Spark byHertz NZ

Hertz Christchurch Car Rental Vehicle Guide: Holden Spark banner

Christchurch car rental is the preferred transportation option for tourists or business people who want to tour the city in a convenient and comfortable manner. Although, public transportation in Christchurch is quite developed, nothing beats the flexibility of having a vehicle that can be used as one’s own.


Putting the said factors into consideration, you should consider signing the services of a reputable Christchurch car rental company if you’re headed there for a vacation or business trip. In addition to the said benefits, many services providers such Hertz offer reliable as well as stylish vehicles that can perfectly complement your needs and budget.


One of its most sought-after vehicles is the Holden Spark. Read on and find out why many car renters opt for this exceptional compact vehicle.


The Holden Spark is compact in size but big in style. It boasts of fashionable 14-inch alloy wheels that are so trendy they’ll make other wheels look passé. This also implies to its motorbike-inspired pedometers and elegant plastic dashboard. Simply put, its interiors are so elegant you’d think you’re driving an expensive compact sedan.

Fuel efficiency

The Holden Spark is one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles out on the market. Its 1.2 litre engine comes with another 43cc of capacity that gives it an extra grunt than other compact vehicles. Plus with this vehicle’s 63kW/113Nm, the Holden Spark leads other sedans its size when it comes to overall performance.


Despite being one of the smallest vehicles out there, the safety features of the Holden Spark are simply ahead of its class. It comes with six airbags and a high-tech anti-lock brake system that is coupled with traction and stability control.


Its body is solid and can offer the level of safety that other vehicles lack. It is four-star car that has passed the strict standards of the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) and trails only the Volkswagen Spark with regard to overall safety in the ultra-compact city cars category.

Hertz Christchurch Car Rental Vehicle Guide: Summary

After reading this article, it can be concluded that the Holden Spark is an exceptional choice if you want to avail a stylish, fuel efficient, and safe vehicle that will perfectly complement taste as well as our budget.


So if your Christchurch trip pushes through, make sure to employ the services of Hertz Christchurch car rental. By doing this, you’ll avail a reliable vehicle that will be perfect for your trip and light on your pocket.


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