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05 Nov

Hertz Dunedin Car Hire Vehicle Guide: Toyota Corolla Hatch byHertz NZ

Hertz Dunedin Car Hire Vehicle Guide: Toyota Corolla Hatch banner

Going to Dunedin for a once in a lifetime vacation and you want to make the most of it? Then you should include Hertz Dunedin car hire in your travel plans. On the other hand, with so many car rental companies to choose from, finding the right one that will perfectly complement your needs and preferences can be quite a challenge.


However, when in Dunedin, it should be remembered that there is one company that stand out among the rest. It is a tried and tested service provider that goes by the name of Hertz Corporation. It is a tried and tested business entity that does not just practice honest to goodness dealings but also offer reliable and stylish vehicles. One of the most sought after models in their collection is the Toyota Corolla Hatch. Read on and find out what makes this car a hit among renters.


Calling the Toyota Corolla Hatch an eye candy is an understatement since it is arguably second to none when it comes to sheer design. It comes more angles and creases that gives it a say, more modern appeal. Plus, the Corolla Hatch is about three centimetres longer and around 5.5 centimetres lower. Despite these changes, it still manages to exhibit its trademark hatchback proportions.


Aside from its modern and edgy exterior, the Toyota Corolla Hatch also boasts of elegant interiors that include appealing plastic dash board and smooth door panels. Also, it comes with sophisticated LCD display, strategically-placed speakers, and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition to all these, it also comes with stylish grab handles that are used for door handles, handbrake button, and ventilation knobs.

Engine and fuel efficiency

The Toyota Corolla Hatch’s 1.8 litre engine is powerful enough give adequate speed and save fuel along the way. Its continuously variable transmission (CVT) system does an exceptional job when it comes to controlling the engine’s output and fuel efficiency. Toyota claims that it can go 15km per litre, which pretty considering its size and engine performance.

Hertz Dunedin Car Hire: Summing up

If you want to travel in style during your Dunedin trip, reserving a Toyota Corolla Hatch that is offered by a tried and tested Dunedin car hire company is a great move. This is because the said company is known across New Zealand and other parts of the globe for its exceptional vehicle collection and honest to goodness dealings. Therefore, if you want a Dunedin vacation that is one for the books, then don’t forget to include Hertz in your travel plans.


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