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27 Aug

Hertz Dunedin Car Rental: An Explanation Of The PAI And PEC byHertz NZ

Hertz Dunedin Car Rental: An Explanation Of The PAI And PEC banner

When going on a trip to New Zealand, nothing beats the convenience and comfort that a Dunedin car rental can bring. Sad to say, many still opt for public transport because of the misconception that many car rental service providers include hidden charges in their packages that they offer.


While there are some companies are known for their shrewd business dealings, this is not case when it comes to Hertz car rental because they make it a point to be transparent in all of their dealings. They also make sure that their fees and charges are well-explained. Some of them include the Personal Accident Insurance and the Personal Effects Coverage (PEC).

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and Personal Effects Coverage (PEC) explained

A Personal Accident Insurance is essential for those who want to obtain financial assistance when injuries or loss of life due to an accident or any untoward incident develops while under contract. It is purchased together with Personal Effects Coverage (PEC) to obtain financial assistance when damage or loss to personal property takes place during the Dunedin car rental period.


On the other hand, it should be noted that the mentioned advantage is only applicable to the renter’s immediate family members who are living in the same address. The PAI and the PEC are cumulative services that are not mandatory; as such, clients can opt for other insurance packages that are provided by other independent companies.


Those who are worried about getting ripped off, should stop worrying about it because both the PAI and the PEC will reflect on the rental record to make sure that transparency is exercised at all times. Also, regardless of the renter’s personal insurance policy, no refund will be issued.

Hertz Dunedin Car Rental: Summary

For additional information regarding the abovementioned insurance policies, it would be best to refer to Hertz’s terms and conditions or ask their personnel for clarification. Remember, the company’s goal is to provide trustworthy service at all cost. With this in mind, they make sure that their guidelines are extensively explained and their personnel are will do their part and clarify different matters that clients do not comprehend.


Also, it is important to note that Hertz Dunedin car rental and other trustworthy companies are put in a bad light because of clients who fail to understand the terms and conditions that they offer. Therefore, to achieve peace of mind and security, it would be best to carefully read the abovementioned stipulations, such simple act can go a very long way when it comes to getting one’s money’s worth.


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