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01 Sep

Hertz Queenstown Car Rental: What Is The LIS? byHertz NZ

Hertz Queenstown Car Rental: What Is The LIS? banner

Going to Queenstown, New Zealand for a holiday break? Then don’t forget to include Queenstown car rental in your travel plans because the benefits that it brings are simply endless. On the other hand, before signing up, you need to be on the lookout for service providers that include hidden charges in their packages. With this in mind, it would be best to go for a tried and tested service provider like Hertz that is known for integrity and unwavering service.


Bear in mind, that Hertz Queenstown car rental makes it a point to include all their fees and charges in their contract because it has always been their goal to achieve trustworthy client relationships. Also, the said company charges proper and ethical payments that have passed government scrutiny. One of them is the Liability Insurance Supplement (LIS).

What is a LIS?

LIS is a non-compulsory service that can be quite handy for those who want to attain extra liability protection in the event of an accident. This particular option incorporates the benefits of Primary Liability Protection (LBP) and the Excess Insurance Policy (EIP) which helps renters like you to avail the level of protection that you just can’t get from other insurance programs.


Since a LIS is utilized together with a LBP, it can give a combined limit of up to one million dollars per accident for third party injuries and/or damage to property. In addition to this, if you encountered an accident that involves an underinsured or uninsured motorist, he/she can even avail monetary assistance of up to $100,000.


It should be remembered that regardless of the personal insurance that you earned, you can never refund the said fees. Nonetheless, benefits that you can obtain from a LIS are well worth the investment.

Hertz Queenstown Car Rental: Summary

In the end, availing the services of Hertz Queenstown car rental is the right thing to do because unlike other service providers in the area, the said company offers transparent packages that do not include hidden charges.


However, you should also do your part and make sure to fully understand their terms and conditions so as to free yourself from the feeling of being ripped off. Rest assured that Hertz is a trustworthy company and they don’t turn to shrewd practices just to earn money.


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