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01 Feb

Kids Love Auckland and Why Not! byHertz NZ


Kids are tiny powerhouses of energy and need to be exposed to new experiences to add facets to their personalities. Let them out to chase the sun, and smell the wet grass under the pitter-patter of their tiny feet. Indulge them in the world that is beyond computer screens and journals. Childhood is the forming phase of an individual’s personality and everyone deserves a fun-filled phase. Auckland has a variety of activities for kids to partake in while on a vacation. Soak up the beaches while your little ones get some fun!

Bumper Ball: One of the most fun activities, Bumper ball is also known as loopy ball, bubble soccer, and body zorbing. Kids love this action and it is quite a unique activity for them to indulge in. Bumper ball is made up of two teams which play soccer, wearing zorb balls. These can be adjusted and are super comfortable!

Tree Adventures: As a great mind once said, ‘what is life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?’ Treat your little ones to an epic adventure at the Tree Adventures, a short drive from Auckland city. A range of courses varying from 3 to 14 meters above the ground level, these all consist of amazing fun activities along the way. A day spent at Tree Adventure is sure to stir up the child in you, and your kids can have a crazy time swinging up the trees!

Rainbow’s End Theme Park: New Zealand’s largest theme park, Rainbow’s End theme park is a dreamland! Comprising of various rides and roller coasters, your kids are bound to have a blast. Take your little one’s hand and get on every single roller coaster there is. Buy tubs of ice cream and cotton candy to keep yourself refuelled and happy at the Rainbow’s End.

Snowplanet: Snowplanet is a fun theme-resort in New Zealand. This all-year indoor snow resort is open on all days of the year and offers a host of snow sports. Situated at only 20 minutes downtown, this is one of the most fun resorts in Auckland. Indulge in skiing, snow boarding and toboggan with your kids and make a truckload of memories for them to feel nostalgic about!

Rocket Ropes: Suitable for kids above 2, and adults, rocket ropes is a great activity centre for those who like to take the high rope! Consisting of both, low climbing courses and two large courses for adults, there is also a huge swing, a massive flying fox, and a 12 mt. long drop jump. Liked by kids and adults alike, the Rocket Ropes are calling your name.

There are other fun, adventurous places that your kids can visit in Auckland, like Kelly Tarltons and Surf School where they can learn some life values like bravery, patience, and enhance their thinking ability. Get your own comfortable transport to and from Auckland by booking a car rental in Auckland and give your kids a master class in adventure sports!


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