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28 Mar

Pancake Rocks And Vertical Blowholes, Punakaiki byHertz NZ

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Lying on the West Coast of the Southern Alps, Punakaiki in New Zealand is famous all over the world for its pancake rocks and vertical blowholes. This wonderful place sits between the towns of Westport and Greymouth, by the side of the Paparoa National Park. The beauty of the area is a result of nature’s millions of years of work. The layered rock structures, over the years, have come to resemble the shape of pancakes, hence the name. The limestone and sandstone rock formations of Punakaiki are nothing less than spectacular. With steep cliffs, enthralling waters, and stunning surroundings, the community offers a plethora of fun and adventure activities to its visitors.


A trip to Punakaiki is a must for every traveller when in New Zealand. It is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular of places in the world. It offers you a million things to see and to do. From walking inside one of its sub-tropical rainforests to looking into the unknown on the stargazing tours offered here, from taking a horse ride through the picturesque landscapes to watching West Coast’s stunning sunsets, from exploring the waters of Porarari River by canoe to sunbathing on one of its beaches, from spotting foxes in its caves to exploring the Paparoa National Park, the options are endless.


The walkway that leads to Punakaiki offers excellent views of the mountains and the coastline of the area. You must visit the place when the tide is high, in order to make the most of your visit. Punakaiki is the place to be for thrill seekers and adventure enthusiasts. You can swim, surf, go rafting and kayaking in its wonderful waters. The community allows you to indulge in various activities like rock climbing, bouldering and caving. The brilliant limestone and sandstone formations of the place add to the adrenaline rush that these activities promise.


Rental cars can be easily hired on the various airports of the West Coast. You can land on the Westport airport, Hokitika airport, or the Greymouth airport and drive your way to Punakaiki.  With its quaint little cafes and restaurants, the place also offers good food along with good views. You can also bring in your own food and have a picnic here with friends and family. It is also home to a number of galleries, showcasing the art and culture of the area. The arts and crafts of Punakaiki is well known among one and all. From knifemaking to glassblowing, you can fascinate yourself by watching artists at work here.


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