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15 Jun

Plan a Family Vacation to Picton byHertz NZ

Plan the Perfect Family Getaway to Picton with Hertz banner

New Zealand is known for being a popular tourist destination that has something special to offer to every traveller. For an enjoyable getaway with your entire family, set your sights on the town of Picton. Graced with nature’s beauty and a number of sightseeing spots, this place caters to the vacation needs of children as well as parents. Take your family for an adventure of a lifetime in Picton by heading to some of these amazing attractions.

Revel in Maritime Wonder at Eco World Aquarium

Perfect for families with children, the Eco World Aquarium is where kids can get a chance to hang out with cute little blue penguins and turtles. Let your children explore the beauty of the unique marine life that graces New Zealand at this aquarium, be it the mystical seahorse or the kakariki. The aquarium has well-informed personnel who stand by to answer any questions your kids or even you might have on the underwater lives of every creature.

Kaipupu Point Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled against the beauty of the Picton harbour, Kaipupu Point Wildlife Sanctuary is the perfect place to view the country’s fauna in its natural habitat. This is a stunning island sanctuary that protects the animals within from predators with a fence that covers the mainland. Due to this, visitors can only reach the Sanctuary by a water taxi that can be taken at the harbour for a marvellous time with your clan.

Explore the History of Whaling at the National Whale Centre

Whales and whaling have been native to New Zealand for hundreds of years. An integral part of the culture, setting up a National Whale Centre was almost necessary. What is now known as the finest whale museum, is a must visit when in Picton. Get acquainted with New Zealand’s history of whaling and visit the local whaling spots nearby.

The Mesmerising Beauty of Queen Charlotte Track

The most sought after walking track in Marlborough Sounds, the Queen Charlotte Track is unmatched in its beauty. Blessed with stunning views of the coast, this track is the perfect site for hiking and bike-riding.

Picton has a number of inns where guests can enjoy an enchanting family stay, and eateries that serve up some of the most delicious food cooked with fresh ingredients. Many visitors prefer to travel in rental cars to nearby attractions when in Picton to expedite travel on the family trip of a lifetime.



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