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03 Feb

Queenstown Calling All Adventurers! byHertz NZ

Get High on Adventure in Queenstown banner

The world opens up into incredible realms to those who seek new adventures. To travel is to undergo new experiences and make the most of them. We remain stuck in routines, jobs, and other such excuses that stop us from exploring all that our beautiful world has on offer. The only way to unshackle your heart from the twisted chains of surviving in this cut-throat world is by refusing to partake in the rat race. Take the road less beaten; ask questions that haven’t been asked before. Jump in pools of wisdom which will only show themselves when you pack those bags and start on a journey to seek it. Start on an epic adventure ride in Queensland and never look back!

Queenstown Zipline Tour: Queenstown Zipline Tour is a one of its kind adventure tour that combines a zipline journey and an informational tour about the city. This engaging journey is carried with the help of not one, but two tour guides who will make sure that every technical aspect of your ride is smooth so that you can enjoy it at its best. You can seek answers to all your questions and breath into the view of Queenstown as seen from tree-tops and skyway!

Skydive: Skydiving is an adventure sport which allows you to experience what it is like to live like a bird, if only for a few moments. Dive into the expanse of the bright blue sky as the city rolls out in hills and grasslands beneath you. Live high-in-style, 15,000 ft above the most gorgeous scenery you have ever got a chance to feast your eyes on! Freefall into the abyss and call out to the wind, become a drop of sunshine and explode into the universe!

Canyon Adventure Tour: An enthralling Canyon adventure beckons at the Canyon Adventure Tour and you shall not let that go untouched. Take a walk through forests that open to the high canyons and take a refreshing dip into natural pools. Indulge in zipline and rappelling, and introduce the wanderer in you to a new, all-natural experience.

Nevis Highwire Bungy jump: For a mad adrenalin rush, bungy jump your way from a 134 mt drop. Eight seconds of heart stopping free-fall, the Nevis Highwire Bungy Jump is not for the faint hearted. A completely delightful experience for those who dare. Go on, take the plunge!

Other adventure activities in Queenstown include the Nevis Swing Queenstown, which is one of the World’s biggest swings and quite a daring adventure, The Serious Fun River Surfing is super fun and a great activity for all the water babies out there. Check out a car rental in Queenstown and book yours today. May an exciting adventure unfold!


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