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06 Jul

Queenstown Car Hire Tips: Things To Do When An Accident Is Met byHertz NZ

Queenstown Car Hire Tips: Things To Do When An Accident Is Met banner

Still looking for that perfect destination that will spice up your holiday break? Then you should include Queenstown, New Zealand in your holiday plans. It is simply the place to be if you want a unique destination that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. The town’s natural beauty is so outstanding and it boasts of fascinating mountains and alluring lakes that you can visit all year round.


To make the most of your stay, you should include Queenstown car hire in your travel plans. This can help you visit the fine attractions that the said resort town is known for in a convenient manner. On the other hand, while obtaining a reliable and stylish vehicle is easy, it does not mean that you won’t encounter any drawback along the way.


For instance, what will you do when an accident or any untoward incident takes place? This can be a very irksome event, but it is a good thing though that you can ease the pressure by employing a couple of precautionary measures along the way. Some of them are explained below.

Call an ambulance (if necessary)

Remember, there is nothing more important than the life and the health of the individuals that are involved in the accident. With this in mind, it would be best to call an ambulance if the situation calls. By doing this, you can be sure that injuries will be treated the soonest and the welfare of those involved will not be compromised.

Get a hold of important information

In the event of an accident, don’t forget to collect the personal information of the other driver that is involved. They should include the full name, mailing address, driver’s license number, telephone number, insurance details, license plate number, and the vehicle’s make, model, and color.


You should also get the names as well as the contact information of individuals who witnessed the whole thing. In addition to all these, you should make sure that you can pinpoint the exact location and give the time of the accident if the authorities get involved.

Call the rental company’s 24/7 assistance hotline

Many reputable Queenstown car hire service providers have a 24/7 assistance hotline that you can call in the event of accidents and other incidents of similar nature. They can provide the necessary assistance to ensure that your welfare is taken care of. If you paid for insurance, their personnel will take care of the claims, you simply need to present the necessary paperwork.

Queenstown Car Hire Tips: Conclusion

No matter how careful you are, accidents are bound to happen and being prepared can go a very long way when driving a Queenstown car hire vehicle. So take heed of the tips and pointers above when having your vacation. They can help you make the most of your investment and protect yourself from being ripped off.


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