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23 Jul

Sightsee With Ease With A SUV From An Auckland Car Rental Company byHertz NZ

Sightsee With Ease With A SUV From An Auckland Car Rental Company banner

Auckland, New Zealand may not be on top of your list when planning a vacation, but it should be because this city has some pretty amazing tourist attractions that will blow your mind away. The largest city in the New Zealand, Auckland is not only the undisputed business hub in the country, it is also a haven for tourists and travellers who want to experience a little something that is out of the ordinary.


It is filled with natural wonders; as such, it is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy different kinds of adventure activities. From dolphin and whale safari tours to volcano expeditions, you can say that everything you need to have a grand vacation is in this one of a kind New Zealand city. Let’s take a quick look at the abovementioned activities so you’ll know what to expect if your Auckland vacation pushes through.

Dolphin and whale safari tours

Partaking in the dolphin safari tours in Auckland’s gorgeous Hauraki Gulf is a little something that you shouldn’t miss. This is because the said gulf is home to different kinds of dolphins as well as whales and the only way to get up close to them is by signing up for the said tours.


The dolphin and whale safari tours usually last for four and a half hours and you’ll definitely have the time of your life because of the breath-taking ocean views that you’ll see and your experience with the friendly water creatures.

Volcano Tours

Auckland volcano tours are perfect if you want to try a little something that you have not tried before. Since the city is established on a region that is filled with extinct volcanoes, it has so much to offer, especially if you’re the adventurous type who simply longs for the great outdoors.


One of the best places to visit for volcano tours is Mount Eden. While there, you can climb the iconic mountain, view its 50-metre-deep crater, and marvel at its beauty. Make sure that you’re an experienced climber and listen to guide if you don’t want to compromise your welfare and safety. During your volcano tour, you can also pay a visit to the Ambury Regional Park, a place that is believed to be formed from lava flows from the Mangere Mountain eruption some 18,000 years ago.

Auckland Car Rental: Conclusion

There are so many attractions and activities to enjoy in Auckland, but the dolphin and whale safari tours as well as the volcano tours are some of the most notable ones because you might not be able to enjoy such expeditions elsewhere.


On the other hand, to make sure that your Auckland trip will be as fun and exciting as advertised, it would be best to book a SUV from a tried and tested Auckland car rental company. Going for the said vehicle instead of a conventional sedan is a great move because it will enable you to easily trump the challenging trails and rough roads that you might encounter when sightseeing.


Don’t worry about paying exorbitant fees because many service providers charge very affordable rental fees even for their SUV units. Furthermore, you can enjoy lower rates if you’ll book in advance or use certain promo codes. All in all, if you want a vacation that is both stress-free and light on the pocket, you should include Auckland car rental in your travel plans.


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