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19 Feb

Spice Up Your Wellington Vacation With Culinary Tours byHertz NZ

Spice Up Your Wellington Vacation With Culinary Tours banner

All of us need a vacation every once in a while to get away from the stress of work responsibilities and other commitments. What better way to achieve this than to have guided culinary tours in Wellington, New Zealand? Culinary tours are specifically intended to encourage visitors to enjoy an eating spree and introduce them to the city’s historic food establishments.


Take note that having a Wellington vacation is one of the best things that you can do if you’re a food aficionado who has a knack for good food and beautiful attractions since. Two of the most unforgettable commodities that you’ll enjoy in your trip are chocolates and coffee.

Wellington Chocolates

Wellington is known for having the finest chocolates in New Zealand’s Southern North region and having a chocolate-based culinary walk is simply perfect if you’re a say, fervent chocolate lover who has a thing for sweets.


One of the most ideal stops for chocolate lovers is the iconic L’affaire au Chocolat at Adelaide Road, Berhampore. Here, you can watch experts craft mouth-watering and handmade chocolates using the finest cocoa and other organic ingredients. While there, you can indulge yourself in a unique tasting session while becoming acquainted about Wellington’s rich chocolate history.

Wellington Coffee

Wellington also happens to be the coffee capital of New Zealand. Because of this, there are so many coffee houses in the city and a vast majority of them are located close to inner-city boutique hotels and other establishments.


You can jumpstart your Wellington vacation with a guided walk at the Customhouse Quay. There are so many roasteries and coffee houses in the area and they serve some of the finest coffee in the city. Many of them also provide excellent artisan-roasted beans in world-class restaurants and cafes in nearby cities such as Christchurch and Auckland.

Wellington Vacation: Summary

Including culinary walks in your Wellington vacation is an exceptional move if you want to experience one of New Zealand’s finest cities when it comes serving good food. This most true if you’re a chocolate lover and/or a coffee enthusiast who wants to try local delights when vacationing.


To make sure that you’ll enjoy your culinary tour, it would be best if you’ll make reservations with a reliable Wellington car hire company. This straightforward move can add a sense of convenience to your trip, knowing that you can spend as much time as you want in a particular culinary attraction because you don’t have to worry about bus or train schedules.


Worried about spending too much? Don’t worry about breaking the bank because many service providers in Wellington offer world-class service but charge very affordable rates. Bear in mind that paying for a rental car service is a straightforward measure that comes with endless gains.


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