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24 Feb

Theatrics in Auckland byHertz NZ

Watch Shakespeare

While Shakespeare lovers are in for a treat this season, theatre and drama enthusiasts have world-class shows to look forward to, and Auckland is all set to play host! Bringing back to life an era gone by, these dramas epitomise excellence in the arts. Travel back in time as you witness an extravaganza of colours and costumes, sets and dialogues in the inimitable style of Shakespeare.

The plays are presented by the Pop-up Globe Theatre, a replica of Shakespeare’s second Globe Theatre. As an audience of 900 people surrounds the stage in a three-tiered structure, every seat in the theatre is within 15m of this remarkable stage. The Pop-Up Globe Theatre brings to Auckland two exciting dramas this season.

1. Twelfth Night

A classic comedy, the Twelfth Night is believed to have been written way back in 1601-02. A young girl is separated from her twin brother on a shipwreck. While believing the other to be dead, each heads out to lead a life that is shaped by circumstances and adventures.

While the girl takes on the disguise of a young man, love intervenes to create a trail of confusion and rib-tickling disorder. With an all-male cast and a traditional set design, this play is sure to leave you thoroughly entertained and delighted. 17 shows are slated to be held in the afternoons and evenings between 2nd March and 16th April, 2016. Tickets are available for an array of seats that range from $15 to $864.

2. Romeo & Juliet

The eternal love story, Romeo & Juliet enacts the tragic tale of two souls bonded by love. A classic tale that holds relevance even in present times, the play makes for a heart-wrenching and compelling watch. A professional ensemble that brings together the best minds and talents of the art world is set to make a fantastic presentation of the world’s most famous love story.
Romeo & Juliet will be enacted 17 times between Friday, the 4th of March and Sunday, the 17th of April. While most shows are scheduled to be in the evenings, a few will be presented during afternoons for the benefit of all theatre lovers.

It is recommended that tickets be booked well in advance in contemplation of a turnout beyond capacity. The E-Reserve Standing Groundlings command a reasonable rate of $15, while seats from the A to D Reserve Category range from $20 to $144. The premier seats, however, are reserved in the Lord’s and Gentlemen’s Room that are priced between $684 - $864.
Whether a resident or tourist in the vicinity, be sure to drive down or take a car hire to Auckland to experience drama and theatre like never before.


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