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22 May

Tips And Pointers When Signing Up For Wellington Car Hire byHertz NZ

Tips And Pointers When Signing Up For Wellington Car Hire banner

Planning a vacation that will excite you and at the same time make you feel relaxed? Then Wellington is the place to be. New Zealand’s capital city is simply one of a kind and it has everything you need to enjoy your holiday break.


Its natural scenery, fun travel activities, and fascinating tourist attractions are simply top notch and they will perfectly suit your style, preference, and budget.


If you’re vacationing for a very short period, have no fear because you can still enjoy your holiday break with a little help from a tried and tested Wellington car hire company. On the other hand, don’t just sign up with the first company that you’ll come across with because there are certain things that you need to consider before doing so. Some of the simplest yet most important ones are explained below.

Go for unlimited mileage

Go for a Wellington car hire service provider that offers unlimited mileage. This straightforward move is essential if you want to save a substantial amount of cash because petrol can be quite expensive in some areas of the city. Just make sure that you’ll return the vehicle with a full tank to avoid fines and penalties.

Book early

You’ll save more money and obtain the vehicle of your choice if you’ll book early. By having more leeway you can enjoy better rates and choose from a broader vehicle selection. Bear in mind that booking early gives you the sense of flexibility that you need and even the slightest tardiness can cause your expenses to skyrocket.

Cancel the GPS service

Car rental companies may charge a substantial amount for you to enjoy GPS service. However, if you own a smartphone, ditch this particular service and download Wellington maps that are free of charge. As simple as it may seem, this can help you save up to 50 USD per week. The good news is some Wellington car hire service providers include GPS service in their list of freebies; as such, you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket if you want to enjoy this feature.

Wellington Car Hire: Conclusion

You can make the most of short vacation if you’ll book a rental vehicle from a reputable Wellington car hire company. By doing so, you can visit as much attractions as you want without putting a strain on your budget.


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