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17 Jun

Travelling to the Glacier Town of Franz Josef byHertz NZ

Travel to the Glacier Town of Franz Josef in a Hertz Car banner

A holiday amidst the captivating beauty of New Zealand tops a number of travel wish lists. When in the country, the stunning town of Franz Josef is a place that must not be missed. The charming town paints a pretty picture while offering a myriad of exciting attractions and exploration opportunities for vacationers.

Heli-Hike to the Franz Josef Glacier

A World Heritage Area and the crowning glory of all the West Coast Glaciers, the Franz Josef glacier lies merely 5 kilometres away from the town of the same name. An enormous river of frozen water, it is a splendid sight to behold. Leaving their vehicles at the glacier parking lot, visitors can either proceed on foot or heli-hike to the top. The aerial views of the glacier and the surrounding region from the helicopter will definitely leave you speechless.

Guided Hiking Tour of the Glacier

With an awe-inspiring vista, Franz Josef is perfect for trying out glacier hiking for an unforgettable experience. The guided hiking tour is well-curated to help people get up-close and personal with the icy cold glacier. To avoid any problems, it is best to pre-book your tours in case of any seasonal tourist traffic.

Soak in the Lovely Warmth of the Hot Springs

The best part about this little town is that it offers so much more than just the glaciers. While the restaurants offer some superb local cuisine, the town also has some marvellous hot pools. Travellers can soak in the welcome warmth of a glorious hot pool as a perfect contrast to the icy weather outside. The perfect way for couples to relax, the hot springs are located in the midst of a stunning rainforest. Born from the glacier, these hot pools make for an enchanting refuge.

Kayak on the Serene Lake Mapourika

Take a day out of your schedule and go kayaking on Lake Mapourika. The freshwater lake gets its calm waters from the Franz Josef glacier itself and sits in a valley below it. With a kiwi sanctuary nearby, you can opt for the many kayak tours which include a visit to the sanctuary as well. Enjoy the breath-taking views of the glaciers around you and feel at peace.

With a car rental from Christchurch or Queenstown, make the most of your trip to Franz Josef as you drive your way to the wintery town.



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