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12 Nov

Vehicle Guide to Hertz Auckland Car Rental byHertz NZ

Vehicle Guide to Hertz Auckland Car Rental banner

Travelling in Auckland, New Zealand and not sure what car or vehicle to rent?  Are you having a hard time looking for that perfect sedan, van, or SUV that will perfectly suit your style and personality? Then worry not more because Hertz Auckland car rental is here to make sure that you’ll get something that is well worth your time, money, and effort.


Using the company’s vehicle guide, one would be able to see that they have a couple of categories to choose from.  These vehicle type categories include the following:

Fun Collection

Hertz’ Fun Collection features two of the latest Mini Coopers and a full-sized Toyota Four-Wheel Drive Cruiser.  Standard features of these vehicles include a CD player, driver safety airbag, and a cruise control for the 4WD vehicle.

Prestige Collection

The Prestige Collection is about recognizing your unique sense of style and demand for top car performance.  The line of BMW of Hertz Auckland Car Rental will surely satisfy the most discriminating motorist who values car aesthetics, engine power, and riding comfort.

Adrenaline Collection

If you have a need for speed, the company offers its Toyota 86 car that would surely let you zoom your way to any direction you want to reach. This stylish sports car is perfect if you want to enjoy a New Zealand vacation in an adrenaline-packed way and you have unlimited budget.

Car/Sedan Collection

The Car and Sedan Collection includes the most affordable and in-demand cars such as the Toyota Corolla Hatch, Holden Spark, and Ford Falcon. These cars are just right for you if you want a no-frills but highly dependable vehicle for their motoring needs. They are also fuel-efficient; as such, you don’t have to worry about constant refueling when travelling.


Not to be outdone is Hertz’ collection of Sport Utility Vehicles, Minivans, and 4×4’s.  Whether for city driving or taking the off-road, these reliable vehicles will bring both passenger and cargo anywhere in comfort and style.

Other Models

For the most exquisite driving experience, one can also rent a Lexus IS250 that simply surpasses every car in its class in terms of engine reliability, speed, body design, and overall riding comfort.

Hertz Auckland Car Rental: Conclusion

With Hertz Auckland car rental, finding the right vehicle that will perfectly complement your needs, preference, and budget is easy. So whether you have a fixed budget or sky is your limit, getting something that will help you enjoy your trip is easy and hassle-free.


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