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01 May

Wellington Car Hire: Precautionary Measures That You Should Consider byHertz NZ

Wellington Car Hire: Precautionary Measures That You Should Consider banner

Are you a history buff and a culture vulture whose idea of a grand vacation is visiting museums, art galleries, and other institutions of similar nature? Then Wellington, New Zealand is the place to be. Filled with the abovementioned establishments, the country’s capital city will definitely spice up your vacation.


The Te Papa Museum, Southward Car Museum, Weta Cave Museum, and the Museum of Wellington City and Sea are some of the historical and cultural institutions that you shouldn’t miss if ever your trip pushes through.


To make the most of your “museum hopping” and sightseeing tours, it would be best if you’ll reserve a Wellington car hire vehicle. Whether you’re having a weekend vacation or a week-long one, investing in this transportation option can go a very long way when it comes to having the time of your life.


Before booking though, it would be best to consider a couple of straightforward things to get the best deal possible.

Make advance booking via the Internet or phone

While many travellers book in advance, they don’t do so via the Internet or phone. You shouldn’t make this blunder because doing so will throw your savings out of the window. This is because rental rates are generally higher at the counter than they are online or phone.


In addition to lower rates, you can achieve utmost convenience when going for the latter option because you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home.

Ask about special promos and penalties

When talking to the personnel of a Wellington car hire company, make sure to inquire about weekend specials, loyalty programs, gas charges, late penalties, etc. Discounts and other provisions are usually displayed in the company websites, but just in case you fail to read them, it would be best to ask about them before agreeing to their service. This can help you save huge sums of money and eliminate additional charges.

Inquire about the drop-off provision

Drop off provisions vary; some companies don’t charge extra if you’re going to surrender your rental vehicle to a different location. While some, may require you to deliver it to the pickup location. It would be best to clarify this matter to prevent penalties and other payables.

Wellington Car Hire: Summary

Making the most of your Wellington vacation—whether short or extended—is easy with a little help from a Wellington car hire company. Even though, a vast majority of them charge very affordable rates, it’s still best to practice caution and take note of a couple things before signing up.


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