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30 Dec

Wellington Travel: Unwind And Discover New Zealand’s Rich Heritage byHertz NZ

Wellington Travel: Unwind And Discover New Zealand’s Rich Heritage banner

If you’re seriously considering having your next vacation abroad, then you should include Wellington travel in your plans. This New Zealand city is prominent across the globe for its exceptional architecture, classy cafes, superb art galleries, and magnificent restaurants, among others. Also, it has the most beautiful skyline you’ll ever see because of its exceptional coastal location.


Among the most-visited attractions of the said city are the old government buildings, St. Paul’s Church, and the Museum of New Zealand. Read on and find out why.

Old Government Buildings

Established in 1876, the old government buildings are the largest and oldest wooden structures in the world. With grandiose facades, detailed staircases, and appealing interiors, the said buildings are essential components of New Zealand’s rich architectural heritage. At present, they are utilized by the students of Victoria University.

Old St. Paul’s Church

Old St. Paul’s Church is arguably the most beautiful church in all of New Zealand because of its early English Gothic design. It was built entirely of native timbers and is still considered as a venue of spiritual significance. In addition, it is a living proof of the country’s rich culture and tradition.

Museum of New Zealand

Also known as Te Papa Tongarewa, this museum is one of the biggest museums in the world. It is home to some of the most essential treasures of New Zealand. Plus, it also safeguards exhibits from Europe and the Pacific Island. The said museum is also filled with state of the art virtual reality centers, a reading room, a library, souvenir shops, and so much more!

Wellington Travel: Summing Up

All in all, Wellington is a unique city with wonderful attractions. The long list includes remarkable historic buildings, historical churches, and beautiful museums. Furthermore, because of its exceptional location, the views from the city, coastlines, or mountains are simply awesome.

Because of its notable attributes, it can be concluded that Wellington car hire for a relaxing holiday break! So what are you waiting for? Visit it now and find out why many tourists from all over the globe rave about it.


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