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Hertz Toll Day Pass

Choose the Hertz Toll Day Pass to simplify your rental experience.

Managing toll payments can be difficult and time consuming. We have simplified how we process road tolls so you can focus on getting to your destination on time.


The Hertz Toll Day Pass is an opt-in system that covers all toll charges under one flat daily amount which allows unlimited toll usage during your rental period. You can choose this option at any time during your rental and the daily flat fee will appear on your rental agreement/invoice.


Due to varying toll prices in different States, the Hertz Toll Day Pass will be calculated based on the State where you collect your car.


Rates for passenger vehicles are:  


     -      NSW: $18.70 per rental day
     -      VIC: $17.00 per rental day
     -      QLD: $13.20 per rental day

     -      ACT: $12.10 per rental day

     -      WA $11.00 per rental Day

     -      SA: $12.10 per rental day


Rates for Commercial vehicles are: 


     -      All States: $25.85 per rental day

All prices are inclusive of GST. Heavy vehicles incur a higher variable toll charge per rental day due to higher toll prices. 

Suitable for longer term rentals, there is an alternative option that records all toll roads you’ve driven on and you will be invoiced for the actual toll amounts plus a per rental processing fee shortly after your rental.


Should you choose to make your own arrangements with the Tolling Authority direct this must be done prior to the using the toll road. The 24-72hr window advised by Tolling Authorities are not applicable to a rental car with Hertz.


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