Been wondering how to pay for that big holiday? Or perhaps you're more concerned with how you can cut your environmental impact? Car sharing could be the answer you've been looking for!


Flexicar is Cheap


Joining a car sharing service allows you to break free from the huge, fixed expense of a car without losing the access to a car when you need one. Rates start from around $9.45 an hour, and everything is included. Even petrol!


Flexicar is Green


As a car sharing member, you'll only drive when you really need to - so you cut your CO2 emissions by as much as 40%. Every Flexicar is estimated to take as many as 15 cars off the road!


Flexicar is Easy


Flexicar has OVER 140 CARS parked around the streets of inner city Melbourne that you can rent by the hour. No need to go to an office or the airport - these cars are parked on a street near you! Your individual Flexicar Membership Card will allow you to access these cars when you have a booking. You can book them for one hour - up to three days - then return to the same spot. It's that easy.


Hertz for travel, Flexicar for home


So now you have Hertz when you're travelling, and Flexicar for when you're at home. You can use Flexicar for weekend shopping trips, getting to meetings or visiting friends and family. If you run a business, Flexicar is a great option for getting staff around during the day, still allowing them to cycle or catch public transport to work.


Visit flexicar.com.au and join today!