Equipment for your winter car rental

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Winter Accessories

Equipment for your winter car hire

Your guide to better winter driving in Europe

To help you enjoy safer, more reliable and more comfortable journeys, we offer a range of winter driving accessories:

• Winter tyres - for significantly improved handling and stopping distances in snow and ice, as well as on wet roads where the temperature is below 7°C

• Snow chains - for better grip on snow or ice. They are usually attached to the drive wheels of the vehicle and must be fitted in pairs.

• Anti-freeze diesel fuel additive - designed for use in temperatures as low as -20 °C, it avoids the risk of your diesel freezing and the potential extra cost of road assistance, car recovery and repairs. The treatment is available for the first tank of diesel only and covers you for a maximum of 500km.

• Ski Racks - for up to six pairs of skis plus poles. If you also plan to carry snowboards, check first with your rental location to see if your rack is snowboard-compatible.

European countries where winter driving accessories are available:

Switzerland -
 availability and rates

France -
 availability and rates

Austria - availability and rates

Germany - availability and rates

Bulgaria - availability and rates

Finland - availability and rates

In some places, you must use winter tyres between November and March. Certain countries charge to fit them - this will be included in your rental rate - while others fit them free. However, snow chains are not compulsory, so it's up to you whether you add them to your rental or not.

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