Rental Qualifications and Requirements
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Hertz offers snow equipped vehicles and snow equipment (snow chains/ snow socks) in France in specific locations from 15 November to 31 March. The snow equipment cannot be booked on the internet. For booking and/or further information, please contact your Reservation Centre.





Available on request only from

15 November to 31 March

Snow chains

€ 62.00 (including tax) per rental

Snow socks

€ 90.00 (including tax) per rental



Participating locations:


One-way rentals to any other location are not allowed. 


Standard one-way fee between participating locations €300.00 (including tax) plus one or more of the following penalty fees will incur, which depends on the equipment rented:


-      Snow chains or snow socks: penalty fee of € 78.00 (including tax);  


-      Winter tyres featured vehicles (snow equipped): penalty fee of € 602.00 (including tax).


In case of loss or damage to the equipment during the rental, an extra fee of € 78.00 (including tax) will apply.


- Corporate customers in selected corporate locations (CR rates only) can rent winter tyres, chains and snow socks.


 - In selected licensee locations, all customers can rent winter tyres, chains and/or snow socks. Please contact your Reservation Centre.


Fully equipped vehicles

From 15 November to 31 March with 48 hours advance notice you can rent vehicle groups (J) Renault Captur Winter Tyres or similar, (R) Ford C-Max Winter Tyres or similar and (S) Renault Clio Winter Tyres  or similar.


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